5 tips to bring in a dream home cinema installation into your Belfast home

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Published: 13th August 2012
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Home cinema projectors and surround sound systems are more commonplace nowadays but in order to give a real “wow” factor to your home cinema experience, one really needs to go an extra mile. Here are some tips that set an example of an installation and make your drawing room, a thing of envy for all your friends.

Black out blinds
Of course a room will have windows but ambient lighting and cinema projectors are in constant war with each other and can be regarded as mortal enemies. Even small amounts of natural lights peeping through any door or window will have an effect on the movie viewing experience and for a perfect experience, one need to eliminate this. One cannot expect to cut of natural light by domestic blinds. These can be replaced by black out blinds that are specially designed and coated to prevent any light passing through it. In addition, they come with side profiles that would prevent any leakage of light around the edges. One can also use electric blinds as these are automatically triggered to cut off all the light when the cinema starts. These blinds come integrated in the control system of the home theatre system.

In the market today, one would find a vast array of lighting systems and these can effectively be used to set the ambience for a movie night or a grooving DJ party. One can integrate LED strips and color changers and used in conjunction with programmable light controllers. One would realize that this can turn the whole floor into a happening disc and theatre, whatever is the requirement. One can choose to set lighting scenes at the beginning or end of the movie and use in conjunction with a system controller and the movie can be paused when the light is slightly raised.

Automation cinema system
These systems will involve a variety of support component and each comes with a control unit. Several manufacturers can be a partial solution to this problem. However, a more advanced and enhanced solution will trigger a better possibility and comes at a price. Cinema theatres are normally dark and thus a backlit touchscreen can be a real benefit. Professionally programmed systems can be an icing on the cake and will control all blinds, light systems and have much more to offer besides it. Using playlists, one can even add personal massage and trailers at the beginning or end of the movie or in any break that you choose to take in between.

The best cinema experience is not complete with a comfortable seating and some popcorn with a glass of coke! Seating seriously can make a difference on the cinema experience. Adding authenticity to the whole process, one can choose from a vast range of leather finishes and fabrics. There are choices for every budget.

Media players
A home theatre arrangement can have more features than what a multiplex in Belfast can actually have. Obviously, all of these in a smaller scale but nevertheless, one must be concerned about personal comfort. Of course, you are not going to sell tickets! Just the drinks and pizza might be sponsored by your friends once in a while!

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